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What is Angiography?

Critical Limb Ischemia

Imaging & Interventional Specialists are experienced and successful at using angiography to help diagnose and understand your condition. Our board-certified vascular physicians offer in office diagnostic testing and will customize a treatment plan for vascular condition. Angiography is commonly used as an initial tool for diagnosis. Our medical team will focus on tusing information gained from angiography to develop a treatment plan to meet your specific needs.


About Angiography

Angiography is a specialized investigation used by imaging and interventional vascular physicians where dye is injected into your arteries and x-ray pictures are obtained. These diagnostic pictures can show areas of disease and inform the development of your treatment plan.

What is Angiography

What are The Benefits Of Angiography?

Angiography is a “pinhole” procedure performed by imaging and interventional specialists whereby a needle is advanced into an artery and a small catheter advanced to the region of interest. Dye is injected and specialized pictures recorded. The adbenefits to angiography include:

  • Exquisite rendering of the arteries in the region of concern.
  • Detection of peripheral arterial disease, blood supply to fibroids, blood supply to tumors, blood supply to inflamed joints
  • Non-Surgical pinhole” procedure
  • Speedy recovery

What Advanced “Pinhole” Procedures Does Imaging & Interventional Specialists Offer Based On The Results Of Angiography?

From the angiography performed by maging & Interventional Specialists a treatment plan for your particular condition will be developed. Options include demonstrating that this is a nonvascular process or that certain techniques will assist your condition whether it be peripheral vascular disease, uterine fibroids, benign prostatic hyperplasia, knee pain, adhesive capsulitis or liver tumors.

Types of vascular procedures imaging and interventional specialists may use include

  • Angiography: taking pictures of your arteries to diagnose where there are problems
  • Angioplasty: introducing a small balloon to open up areas that are closed due to plaque
  • Stent placement: placing a cylindrical brace to hold your artery open
  • Atherectomy: introducing a tiny instrument that will clear some of the plaque on the inside of your disease artery
  • Embolization: introducing a tiny instrument that will clear some of the plaque on the inside of your disease artery
Balloon Angioplasty and Stents

Imaging & Interventional Specialists “Pinhole” Procedures: Fast Recovery, Less Risk, Less Pain, Comfortable Setting

Our experienced board-certified specialists successfully perform “pinhole” procedures every day offering this region leading, state-of-the-art solutions to spider and varicose veins.. Our non-surgical image guided procedures are cutting edge technology without the cutting, without the scalpel. You leave with a Band-Aid!

  • Procedures are usually done in a comfortable outpatient setting with familiar friendly staff.
  • Pinhole procedures offer fast recovery, less risk, and less pain.

Why Imaging & Interventional Specialists?

Imaging & Interventional Specialists are leaders in interventional radiology and experts in the non-surgical procedures that will cure or minimize your spider and varicose veins including sclerotherapy.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced board-certified specialists are focused on your best outcome.

It is important to determine whether you have varicose veins since these can progress to chronic venous insufficiency and venous ulcers. At Imaging & Interventional Specialists board certified physicians offer in-house testing for diagnosis and to develop an individualized treatment program for your spider and varicose veins.

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