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Can I push a hemorrhoid back in?

Can I push a hemorrhoid back in?

Hemorrhoids are a quite common issue that occurs when the veins present under the rectum lining and anus bulge or get swollen. Herein the issue can arise because of constipation, anal sex, heavy lifting, pregnancy, or straining during childbirth. All of this can cause the veins to swell. There are types of internal hemorrhoids. One is internal, which happens inside the rectum, and also, there is external hemorrhoid that results under the skin around the anus. The skin, in this case, is extremely irritated and breaks. So it will be better to look for hemorrhoid treatment in El Paso to get professional support and relief from the pain.

Pushing Hemorrhoid Back in

Yes, it is absolutely possible for you to push hemorrhoids back in. In fact, when you put it back in, then it can protect the blood vessel and also reduce any possible chances of hemorrhoids, strangulation, or blood clot. It results from an internal hemorrhoid, which is present outside the anus and gets strapped outside by the sphincter muscle. It can restrict the blood flow, which results in swelling and a lot of discomforts. Make sure to look for hemorrhoid treatment in El Paso to get the right professional support on time and avoid any further complications.

Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Generally, hemorrhoids can go away within a week with some at-home treatments or self-care. There are simple ways that will allow you to manage the concern and ease the symptoms. Here is what you can do about it. 

  1. Eat more fiber: Putting excessive pressure during bowel movements or constipation is a major reason for hemorrhoids. This is why you need to eat adequate fiber, as it will help to relieve constipation and also ensure it is easy to pass stool. The fibers will work great in making the stool easy to pass. Also, it will help avoid bleeding. 
  2. Drink more water: The issue arises when the food cannot move fast. As the bowel absorbs too much water, the stool will get hard, making it difficult to pass. So drinking liquid water can be extremely helpful in preventing constipation. Also, you need to consider swapping alcohol, tea, and coffee for water. 
  3. Exercise regularly: Exercise is great for building muscle tone in the diaphragm and abdomen. The muscles are quite vital during bowel movements. Herein a poor tone can make it hard for you to pass the stool. Further obesity is also behind the concern. Regular exercise will help maintain proper weight and also avoid the concern. 
  4. Avoid sitting and straining for a long time: Sitting and pressurizing yourself to pass stool for a long time can put pressure on the anus and rectum. It is a major reason behind hemorrhoids. So it will be better that you visit the washroom only when you feel the urge instead of waiting for the bowel movement. 
  5. Use topical creams : There are creams available in the market which can help keep the skin clean and also get rid of the irritation. You can consider buying witch hazel cleansing pads. As it is an astringent, it will keep the skin clean and avoid any further complications. Also, there are other hemorrhoids that can reduce irritation. You need to look for a cream that has got analgesic as it will ease the pain. Some of the ingredients in the cream, like aloe vera, will work great. Finally, remember to wear a liner under the underwear for a certain time so that it can absorb any extra cream and you stay dry.

There is possible hemorrhoid treatment, but it is vital that you take care of yourself and guarantee you are maintaining proper health to avoid worsening the situation or avoiding the concern altogether.

 When To See A Doctor?

Suppose you think that the concern is way too excessive, then you can consider looking for hemorrhoid treatment in El Paso and schedule an appointment with a medical professional to get the support. A visit to the professional will help understand the underlying reasons and get proper treatment.

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