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Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Conditions Treated Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Imaging & Interventional Specialists – Your Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Solution

Imaging & Interventional Specialists are experienced and successful dealing with pelvic congestion syndrome. Our leading board-certified vascular physicians offer in-office diagnostic testing and , as leading national experts, will customize a treatment plan for your pelvic congestion syndrome.

Your Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Solution

What is Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and What are the Symptoms?

Chronic pelvic pain can be caused by pelvic congestion syndrome which is caused when valves in the vein no longer function normally and blood builds up causing the veins to become larger and engorged. Another cause can be narrow pelvic veins which prevent blood to the heart so that the pelvis becomes congested with blood. Sometimes these veins can be seen on the buttocks or thighs. Symptoms include chronic pelvic pain, pelvic pain that becomes worse with standing or walking, pelvic heaviness and fatigue.

What Causes Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?

Normal veins have healthy valves that prevent the reflux of blood. As part of aging or after pregnancy these valves can fail leading to chronic pain. It is like having varicose veins in the pelvis except usually they are not visible. Another cause is narrowed or compressed pelvic veins which stop blood returning normally to the heart and so pooling In the pelvic veins causing congestion an your symptoms.

How do Imaging & Interventional Specialists Find Out the Cause of Your Pelvic Pain?​

The imaging & interventional specialists team nationally recognized experts in pelvic congestion syndrome. Pelvic pain can have numerous causes, so Imaging & Interventional Specialists doctors have proven strategies to diagnose pelvic congestion syndrome. Besides a careful history and physical exam the team at Imaging & Interventional Specialists will obtain advanced imaging including ultrasound studies to confirm the diagnosis.

How Do Imaging and Interventional Specialists Find Out the Cause of Your Pelvic Pain

What Advanced “PINHOLE” Procedures Does Imaging & Interventional Specialists Offer for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?

Imaging & Interventional Specialists offer “pinhole” procedures to address and cure her pelvic congestion syndrome.

  • Non-surgical embolization procedures. In one approach certain engorged, distended pelvic vessels are closed off using coils plus/minus sclerosant. Flow is redirected into healthy veins and symptoms go away.
  • Non-surgical stent placement procedures. In some cases of pelvic congestion syndrome flow from the legs is slowed down by narrowed veins. This causes backup of blood, congestion, engorgement and pain. In these cases, stents may be placed to open up the veins and alleviate congestion and so eliminate symptoms.

Imaging & Interventional Specialists ‘PINHOLE” Procedures: Fast Recovery, Less Risk, Less Pain, Comfortable Setting

Our experienced board-certified specialists successfully perform “pinhole” procedures every day offering this region leading, state-of-the-art solutions to pelvic congestion syndrome. Our non-surgical image guided procedures are cutting edge technology without the cutting, without a scalpel.

  • Procedures are usually done in a comfortable outpatient setting with familiar friendly staff
  • Pinhole procedures offer fast recovery, less risk, and less pain

Why Imaging & Interventional Specialists?

Imaging & Interventional Specialists are leaders in interventional radiology and experts in the non-surgical procedures of embolization and stenting that will address your pelvic congestion syndrome symptoms of pelvic pain.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced board-certified specialists are focused on your best outcome.

It is important to determine what is causing your non healing leg ulcers. At Imaging & Interventional Specialists board-certified physicians offer in-house testing to determine the cause and develop an individualized treatment program for your pelvic congestion syndrome symptoms of pelvic pain.

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