Non surgical treatment for knee pain after knee replacement


Non surgical treatment for knee pain after knee replacement

So you've had your knee replacement but you still have knee pain? What could be going on? What can you do to prevent knee pain? What nonsurgical medical treatments are there?

Ongoing knee pain after knee replacement is experienced by about 1 out of 5 of people.



What should I do about immediate post-operative pain?

It is normal to have pain after knee replacement surgery since it is a big knee surgery. However, if the pain persists and starts to interfere with your daily activities, you may need to seek medical help. Various non surgical procedures can help alleviate knee pain after knee replacement surgeries.

One common cause of post-operative knee pain is inflammation. To reduce inflammation, your doctor may recommend a medical treatment including ice therapy, compression, elevation (RICE), or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). If these conservative measures don't work, your doctor may inject a corticosteroid into the joint space to help reduce inflammation.

It is possible that you have a stiff joint or that the muscles and ligaments around your knee are weak and not providing enough support. Therefore another possible treatment to relieve pain for post-operative knee pain is physical therapy. A physical therapist can teach you exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles around your knee joint. Weight loss, reaching a healthy weight, and exercise are also important. Physical therapy can increase range of motion, reduce pain, and improve function.

What should I do if my pain persists after 6 weeks?

If you are still experiencing knee pain even severe pain after trying these nonsurgical treatments, you may benefit from a procedure more and more people are turning to genicular artery embolization.

Because there is ongoing inflammation and pain in your knee the procedure is especially useful to relieve pain. This non surgical procedure blocks the blood vessel feeding the inflamed area in the knee therefore precisely decreasing pain and inflammation.

There are other causes of this, such as the implant not healing properly to the bone. This can be due to infection, incorrect placement, or poor bone quality.


Imaging & Interventional Specialists offer FDA-approved treatments (non-surgical alternatives) for knee pain.


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What is genicular artery embolization (also called geniculate artery embolization)

More and more patients are choosing genicular artery embolization to relieve knee pain. It is a simple, outpatient, same say procedure providing effective treatment. There is no general anesthesia and no cutting. Just a "pinhole" procedure. Genicular artery embolization is a procedure that blocks the blood supply to the knee joint specifically the blood flow to sites of inflammation. Many patients find full recovery from pain by reducing inflammation.

How do Imaging & Interventional Specialists determine if I am a candidate for geniculate artery embolization?


An Imaging & Interventional Specialist will take a detailed history, review provided chart notes, perform a complete physical exam and evaluate and/or order imaging studies that include:

  • radiographs (X-rays)
  • computed tomography (CT)
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

In this way, Imaging & Interventional specialists will evaluate whether you would benefit from genicular artery embolization.


Why choose Imaging & Interventional Specialists to treat your knee pain with genicular artery embolization?

Our experienced board-certified specialists successfully perform “pinhole” genicular artery embolization offering this region leading, world-class, state-of-the-art solutions to knee pain. Our minimally invasive image-guided procedures are cutting-edge technology without the cutting, without the scalpel. You leave with a Band-Aid!

  • Procedures are usually done in a comfortable outpatient setting with familiar friendly staff
  • Pinhole procedures offer fast recovery, less risk, and less pain

Imaging & Interventional Specialists are leaders in interventional radiology and experts in the minimally invasive procedures such as genicular artery embolization that will cure or minimize your knee pain you experience after knee replacement.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced board-certified specialists are focused on your best outcome.

At Imaging & Interventional Specialists board-certified physicians offer in-house testing for diagnosis and to develop an individualized treatment program for your knee pain after knee replacement.


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